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Does A Hair Transplant Hurt in WY

Hair Replacement and Restoration FAQ

What is the reason for hair loss?

There are a number of reasons for hair loss however the most commonly known cause is androgenetic alopecia (or pattern hairloss) that is mostly genetic make-up and caused by the presence of a hormone called dehydrotestosterone. Hair Surgery in Wyoming

How Long Does A Hair Surgery Take To Work in WY

Exactly what is the best technique to treat Pattern Hairloss?

A treatment called Follicular Hair Restoration has actually reinvented hair transplant surgery. It gives the most natural looking result. Now with automated follicular device extraction strategies, there is no cutting or linear scars on the back of the scalp.

Are Hair Surgeries Safe in WY

Exactly what technique does the doctor use?

Hair replacement is done making use of the patient’s own hair taking the contributor hair from the back of the client’s head (where it is genetically set to grow permanently). The hair grows in follicular units, which include 1-4 hairs in each system. Mini or micro grafts are placed to the hairless or thinning location to give the most natural look possible. Dr. Choe can utilize the new automated follicular system extraction method to eliminate the possibility of linear marks or incision behind your scalp if you select the automated technique.

Are Hair Surgeries Safe in WY

How long does the treatment take?

The treatments may take anywhere from 3-8 hours. This time is depended upon the amount of follicular systems transplanted and how well the specific follows pre-op guidelines. You ought to prepare an entire day with us for your hair implant.

Does a Hair Surgery Hurt
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Is hair transplant surgery unpleasant?

For all clients, a local anesthetic is utilized to truly reduce the area that is worked on. Some patients report just a percentage of discomfort connected with a hair transplant. Throughout the case if you feel any discomfort we can provide you a discomfort relief medication. Numerous patients report no discomfort whatsoever.

The number of procedures do I require?

That will depend upon the level of your hair loss, the degree of hair thinning and the variety of follicular systems needed. It could take up to 8 months to see new growth. This would be a good time to return for additional evaluation to see if even more sessions are required.

Will not my new hairs fall out similar to my old ones?

No. Hair in the back of the scalp is plentiful and resistant to the results of your testosterone. They retain their original homes and development pattern. They are genetically programmed differently.

Is this the very best option?

Hair transplant is the only irreversible solution to hair thinning. There are lots of short-term options, but those are not permanent.

How long will I be out of work?

If your work is not physically exhausting you might return to work 24 hours after the treatment. You must prevent, arduous exercise, heavy lifting or flexing for seven days following your surgery. If work is physically exhausting, you must prepare to take 1 week off. We will certainly review all these information during your pre surgery day visit.

Exactly what follow-up is essential?

The day after surgical treatment you will be seen at the Choe Center for Hair Restoration for a postoperative procedure check up. Your next appointment will be at 4 months and 1 year.

How much does it expense?

At the time of your examination with Dr. Kyle Choe, we will evaluate your individual needs and quote a price to fulfill your individual objectives.

Is this procedure for you?

Were you thinking of hair implant surgery but cutting and scars scared you before? Do you want more of your very own natural hair with little or no scars? Is minimum “down time” an issue? Is an office treatment performed in a casual environment (while enjoying TV/Video or hearing your preferred CD) appealing to you?

Does A Hair Transplant Hurt in WY

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